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December 31, 2009.

“Calia, I’m going now. Make sure that if you’re going out for the New Year remember to lock the doors and turn off the lights. Okay?”

“Yes…I know but are you going home tonight? We haven’t celebrated New Year together since I went 4th grade…”

“Sorry my dear but I can’t. It’s a vital matter because the investors of the land were –“

“Shut Up! You always told me those things that it was like this but the truth are you don’t want to spend time on me ‘cause I’m just mother’s stray child!”

I leave the house and ran away.
I became angry that I don’t know what I’m saying but I just felt sadness so in every word that I’d told him was showered with bitterness.

I saw him left and go to work without any reaction about I can’t exactly get why he’s liked that however, I love him very much.

When I thought I ran far enough away from our home, I just decided to come on the central town.
There, I saw my best friend Emma.

“Hello Lia! How are you? Are going to buy presents too?”

“Hello. I’m just Fine…My! Why I’m acting like this? I must be jolly!

“Is there something wrong? You look pale and your eyes were red.”

“I’m Fine! You shouldn’t worry! New Presents you say? I want to help you out. Are you done buying all your gifts?”

“No. Don’t bother. I’m already finished on my shopping. Take this; it’s a gift for you.”

Emma is a nice person and whenever I have problems, she always supports me from behind. Because of this, someday I want to return her kindness somehow.

“Thank You.”

“Hey Lia, how ‘bout going to the new cake shop here in town? I heard that their Chocolate Moose were very delicious. Isn’t that your favorite? I’ll treat you."

“But…You know I’m-“

“Alright! Let’s Go!”


We went to the cake shop and Emma really treats me. I’m kind of shy because she always does that for me so that I’ll be comforted even just a bit.

“How’s the taste?”

“It’s very delicious!”

“I’m so glad!”

“I-I’m Sorry…”


“Emma, it’s just that can you listen to me for a while? Because I really don’t know what to do…I want- …”


She had this very worried face so I quickly told her what happened, that I don’t feel well because I said too many horrible things to my Father. I want to apologize. I just want to tell that I wanted to celebrate New Year together with him because he’s my only family.

Emma knows that I was adopted by a very kind young lady and when I turned second grade my adoptive mother has been married by my known adoptive father today…

He’s a very hardworking person and passionately loves my adoptive mom. Though, when I’m in fourth grade, my adopted mother died on a car accident because she was supposed to bring my lunch that I forgot

My adoptive Father really had a grief for what happened to her so he worked harder and now he got this high position and now was busy as ever.
He didn’t abandon me and still take good care of me yet I could feel that he doesn’t need me on his life anymore.

“I see… Ah! Wait. It’s just the 31 of December right? Lucky!”

“Why? Is there a problem?”
“Did you know that there’s a fireworks display exhibition on January 2nd at park? I have two tickets. Here, you can have it. Besides, I can’t go because we’re going to the beach. Invite your father with you and apologize and ask him all the things you want to know.”

“Now, Go home and do your best shot!”

“Yes…You’re Right. Thank you very much!”

Emma smiled at me and then I ran quickly at home.
When I arrived, I saw a note – I can’t go home for the New Year so just enjoy your nights dear.

How can I suppose to enjoy being all alone?

I didn’t give up. I called on his office and his secretary answered and I leave a message note. I just stated that – Please go with me on the park for the fireworks exhibition this January 2nd. I’ll be waiting.

January 01, 2010

My father didn’t really came for the New Year but I was still hoping for him to come on the 2nd because I already have this resolve to open up with him so I’m it.

Emma texted and the written text were – Fight on Calia! ^_~

Those words made me stronger…

January 02, 2010

This night was extremely cold and the exhibition already started. The fireworks were impressive. – “I wish father could also see this.”

“Let me in! My daughter was waiting there!”

“Sorry, but you can’t Mister. The tickets were reserved so you couldn’t buy…”

I heard a familiar voice. I knew it was father so I dashed into the entrance.

“Sir, I had another ticket. He’s my companion so…”

We went further on the park and I was about to tell him that I’m sorry for everything another beautiful fireworks burst into the sky.

“Calia, I want to say sorry for everything. That I’d become a very weak guy. You’re strong like your mother so I was jealous on how you can still face life…I’m very sorry. I know you suffered for a very long time …”

I cried a tear and said “Isn’t the fireworks awesome? It made us close again! I’m sorry also sorry. Really…”

“You don’t need too. I love you very much and sorry for keeping you waiting Calia. I promise that this year wouldn’t be the same as the old ones.”

“I love you more Father! And thank you very much…!”

Afterward, we watched the fireworks exhibition together ‘till we drop. I think this is the best New Year of my life (even if it’s late).



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